The A34 Historic Research project explores the old road between Salford and Southampton via Oxford– the modern day A34 with lots of deviations. This 225 mile route has been chosen for its variety, of interest to the general public as well as to Society members.

There's a section for each region as well as a general section for overviews: anyone can add a comment (if it's scurrilous, it will be deleted!) and if you want to add a longer article, email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.m as an attachment, with any pictures separately.  

Look in the newspaper archives and on the web - find stories of prehistoric trackways, Roman roads, medieval packhorse or monastic ways, the travellers, highwaymen, murderers, the wagons and coaches, the tragic or amusing accidents, the road-makers, toll-keepers, the historic properties and towns along the way... as well as the milestones ~

Visit the project's web site The A34 Project to read contributions and make your own comments.