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TMS 64 (Summary) Guidance Notes to Highway Maintenance Contractors

The Milestone Society



  1. The contractor's staff, operatives and sub-contractors must fully acquaint themselves and be aware of the location of all historic roadside assets (milestones, boundary/mark stones, old finger posts, bench marks, cast iron indicators etc) on the highway network within their domain by means of database material and photographs obtained from (or provided by) the local authority Historic Environment Records (HER) Office
  2. The contractor shall be vigilant at all times and shall note and log the condition of all historic roadside assets on a regular basis
  3. The contractor shall regularly maintain the assets by, for example cutting long grass, removing ivy or other shrub growth in the immediate vicinity and cleaning, brushing and (where appropriate) painting the stone or metal asset to specifications available from the local county Historic Environment Team or the Milestone Society (MSS)
  4. The contractor shall include in his drainage, crash-barrier, grass-cutting, hedge laying/cutting, snow clearance and other relevant sub-contract agreements a requirement that all historic assets must be protected in some appropriate manner to prevent unnecessary and avoidable damage where reasonably practical e.g. by temporary stakes and/or hand removal of shrubs and grass-cutting local to the asset prior to the passage of tractor-mounted plant and machinery
  5. The contractor will be expected to be pro-active in the recovery, repair and restoration of damaged assets in liaison with county HER Teams and/or English Heritage authorities
  6. As a general rule the contractor will be required to take prompt action so as not to lose valuable parts of the damaged asset and to effect repairs incorporating as much of the original asset as possible
  7. The contractor shall react within a reasonable time to advice received from legitimate sources including Parish Council Clerks, Town or County Councils' HER Teams, English Heritage and Highways Agency "owners" and MSS County Representatives that a historic roadside asset has been damaged (whether or not the asset is a "listed building") and either
         • Repair the asset in situ, or
         • Retrieve the loose or broken parts of the asset to a safe and secure place for storage and repair off-highway for later replacement at or near the original location
  8. The contractor will not be expected to repair a damaged asset in situ nor to retrieve it for off-highway repair from a hazardous location without appropriate temporary safety measures and traffic management regimes being put in place: the contractor will, however be expected to repair in-situ or to retrieve the asset as soon as reasonably possible and, in any event to do so when closures or partial closures are in place at the location for other purposes

Alan T Reade BSc CEng MICE FConsE FFB
Milestone Society (Highways Liaison Advisor)
ATR.TMS 64. (Draft 3) 29 May 2013