Activities & Articles

at The Jubilee Hall Brewood, Saturday 2nd November 2013

 Programme (subject to revision!)

9.45     Set up display tables; teas/coffees available

10.15   Introductions and welcome

10.30   The Highways Authorities' Liaison Initiatives: Alan Reade

11.30  Presenting material to HER teams: Alan Rosevear; the Shropshire experience: John Haynes

12.00  The A34 Historic Research project: the story so far...

12.45   lunch break and networking

13.45   Progress, current projects and news up-date around the Counties with Derek Turner

15.30  Close of meeting

The Jubilee Hall stands in Bargate Street in Brewood, between Wolverhampton and Stafford. The hall was created using the clubroom from the western end of The Angel Hotel, which was demolished in 1935, the year of King George V's jubilee. 

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( Extract from the magzine HIGHWAYS AUGUST /SEPTEMBER 2012   )

Alan Reade of the Milestone Society explains how these historic road markers are being preserved with the help of highways authorities

The Turnpike Trusts set up by Acts of Parliament mostly in the 1700s were the then political answer to the dreadful state of most of the UK''s main roads at that time. The up-keep of roads had previously been the responsibility of the Parish through which the road ran and all able-bodied men were press-ganged to work several days a year for this purpose.

In many cases the work was not properly organised with a result that other than in a dry summer it could often take more than 3 days to get from Shrewsbury to London and travellers had a very good chance of getting bogged down and being attacked by bandits along the way.

Click here to download thhis survey of milestones by trunk road in Highways Agency Area 9 West Midlands